Apply for Australia Online Visa @ INR 2,000 : A Guide For Indians

If you wish to visit Australia for a holiday, sightseeing, or to visit family or friends you will need to apply for a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600 – Tourist stream). People intending informal study or training for less than 3 months, may also apply for a Visitor Visa. Paid work is not allowed on a visitor visa.
Documents requirement for Visitor VISA (Sub class 600):
Note: For online mode, all documents required in soft copy format.
• Application Form 1419 duly filled and signed by applicant. (For Offline mode only)
• Application Form 956 duly filled and signed by applicant.(For Offline mode only)
• Original valid Indian Passport.(For Offline mode only)
• While submitting application, applicant needs to bring all of his/ her current and previous (if any) passport(s) to be sighted and scanned/ witnessed. All non-blank pages shall be scanned and witnessed. Note: Passport shall be returned to applicant after scanning.(For Offline mode only)
• Two Passport-sized coloured photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) covering head and shoulders only and against a plain background.
Purpose of Visit:
• If you are going for tourism then information relating to your travel plans.
• If visiting family/ friends: Invitation Letter, evidence of your relationship with the inviter, Inviter`s passport copy and status in Australia.
• If you are going for your daughter/daughter in law’s pregnancy then a letter from a medical doctor confirming the condition.
• If you are going for a medical emergency then a letter from the hospital/doctor stating the condition of the patient.
• If you are going for a student exchange then a letter stating the arrangements that have been made.

Financial Documents:
• Last 6 month bank statement duly verified by bank. For self-employed, personal and business Bank statement required.
• Copies of documents which show any other funds or assets held.
• Taxation documents for the last three years
• If a friend/relative in Australia is paying for your visit then a Statutory Declaration stating the relative or friend’s support and evidence of their financial capacity to do so

Plan Your Trip To Australia
#Australia VISA Fees – Rs 7500 Approx
Processing time is Approx. 15-20 Days
Multiple Entry Visa
Flyjos Fee – Rs 2000 Only
contact 0120-4566653 or 9599885761


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