Need to apply for Schengen visa?

Here is information you must know about Schengen Visa– Flyjos Travefy VISA consultants

Europe is a premier dream destination for and in past recent years, a number of Indian Tourist to Schengen has seen a steep growth. All the Indian passport holders wish to visit Europe need to apply for Schengen VISA prior to the proposed visit.

Schengen VISA policy is applicable for 26 European countries whereby traveler opting to visit any of Schengen country need to apply VISA application as per policy Terms and conditions. Of the 26 countries bound by the Schengen agreement, 22 are part of the European Union (EU) and the other 4 are part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Let us give some basic details about the Schengen VISA.

VISA to Enter Schengen States:

  C-Type VISA:

  • Also called Schengen VISA. C-type allows Maximum stay of 3 months with the Validity of 6 months. Normally VISA validity starts from the date which has been mentioned as a proposed date of travel in VISA application form.
  • The holder of the C-type VISA can visit any of 26 countries falls under the Schengen agreement. For conditions please read the article below.
  • Schengen travel visa is issued for leisure, work, business, education, or to visit a relative or friend residing in the Schengen region.


  • It’s a Long-Term VISA. Stay and validity as per requirements and as per Embassy discretion. Applicable for Family Reunion, Study, Employment etc.
  • It’s a country-specific VISA and valid for the given country only.

Transit VISA:

  • Citizen of India doesn’t need a visa valid for transit through the international transit areas of one or more airports of the Schengen Member States. If Traveller wants to cross the immigration area, valid VISA (C/D TYPE) is required.
  • ATTENTION! Kindly note that should your transit route through Schengen consists of more than two stops you need a Visa C, even if you do not leave the airport.

Example: Flight from New Delhi – Vienna – Frankfurt – Chicago

There is big question As Schengen C-type VISA applicable for 26 nations, where to apply VISA application.

Schengen VISA is common to all Schengen Countries; however, you need to approach a specific country as per your travel requirement

Visiting One Country: The VISA application must be submitted to that Country`s Embassy/ Consulate only.
Visiting more than One Country (Unequal Stay days):The VISA application to be submitted to Embassy/ Consulate of country where maximum stay (no. of days) is being planned.
Visiting more than One Country (Equal Stay days):They VISA application to be submitted to Embassy/ Consulate of country where you will enter First.
Stay more than 90 Days: It shall be D-Type VISA and rules/ regulation shall be as prescribed by Specific Country. Moreover, It shall not be a Schengen VISA. It shall be a country specific VISA only.

Fee Structure for Schengen VISA:

Schengen Visa Category Fee (EURO)
Adult 60€
Child between 6-12 years of age 35€
Child younger than 6 years of age Free
Students and accompanying teachers on School trip/ Researchers travelling to perform scientific research Free

Process of Schengen VISA:

  1. Book appointment – Book appointment at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of visit. You can even apply up to 12 weeks before the date of travel. Normally an appointment slot is available with 5-6 days gap.
  2. Visit Designated Centre: It’s an appointment based process where applicant need to go to nearby VFS/ Designed centre and submit Bio-metric information and all documents (including VISA application Form). For details of documents, please visit
  3. Get the tracking code and payment slip. You can check your passport/ VISA application status online. Note Only movement of passport (in and out of Embassy/ Designated centre can be checked).
  4. Collect passport from Designated centre/ VFS: For some countries, third party collection permissible while other strictly need applicant`s presence for collection.

Important point to Note:

  1. There is no interview at VFS. Only documents submission is there along with Bio-metric.
  2. In case Embassy wants to take the interview, the applicant will get a call/e-mail either from Embassy or from VFS.
  3. Processing Time: Normal time is 15-20 days. However, in some cases, based on applicant credentials, the application being processed in 4-5 working days.
  4. VISA Fee and VFS fee are non-refundable.
  5. Child of less than 12 years needs not to go for Bio-metric. The date for calculating 12 years is the date of the proposed travel.

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